Published on: June 23, 2018

PEAK WASHER PROVES IT’S MERIT! The first major innovation in indigo rope washing, the Peak Washer introduced at ITMA 2015 offers both improved re-beaming efficiencies and eco-friendly water savings.Re-beaming is always hardbut with the unique Water-Through-Web washing which gently organizes the ends within the ropes, production is increased by 8% resulting in the need for fewer re-beaming machines.Water savings of 40-50% is also achieved with no difference is washing result when compared to conventional washers.

Morrison Textile MachineryCo.along with their Turkish partneroffered true side by side comparisons on two identical machine layouts. The Peak wash boxes were retro-fitted to one machine and flow meters were installed on both machines to track water usage. Results were so successful an order was quickly placed to outfit the second machine with Peak’s.

The Peak wash boxes are offered on new machines and can also be retro-fitted to your existing machine. Please consult your local Morrison agent for more details or visit our website to see a video of the Peak washers running